Preserving the Power of Scotch Cap Genetics

Welcome to the Jindra Angus website! Located in northeast Nebraska, the Jindra Program stems from a registered Angus herd that is rooted by Scotch Cap Genetics. In 1994 the first females were purchased from Doug and Molly Hoff. Since then, extensive use of Hoff sires with artificial insemination and embryo transfer has accelerated the growth of what has become Jindra Angus. The program has been complimented by genetics from many great Angus programs, but maintains its potent base of Scotch Cap genetics.

 Our goal is to produce functional, high-performance cattle that have the potential to increase profit in every sector of the beef industry: Cattle that will excel in the marketplace and satisfy the consumer. As a fellow producer, we want to help you do the same.

 Visitors are always welcome and we invite you to call or email anytime.